20 Unique and Special Touches To Improve Your Wedding Day

A wedding day is a beautiful day that marks a turning point in your life. The day brings joy and fond memories of a transition from single to married status. On this day, the couple makes their marriage official. Therefore, if you are interested in making this day memorable, you need to consider various wedding day options to remember this special day!

Here Are Fun Ideas To Consider

There are different measures that you can take to be creative during your wedding ceremony. At your wedding, you should try some things that are unique and likely to appeal to the interests of your guests. The following 20 ideas may improve your wedding day and possibly your marriage and make it a memorable event in the years to come.

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Get A Painter To Capture Live Events

Apart from taking photos of the proceedings, it is vital to go an extra mile and try to be creative. You can hire a painter who will capture your wedding ceremony using live paintings. Art is a good way of expressing something, and it is also beautiful and attractive.

When you use live art to capture your wedding, you give it life such that you will have fond memories of it. Art also helps to create an atmosphere of originality, and you will cherish this day every time you look at the painting hanging on your wall.

Release Butterflies On Your Wedding

Releasing live butterflies is a symbolic gesture that will make your wedding a wonderful occasion that will appeal to the interests of your guests. Butterflies signify the beginning of a new life as the two of you tie the knot. When you get married, you become one person, and you will share your joys and sorrows.

Painted butterflies, for instance, are beautiful creatures that will color the atmosphere, and they present a brilliant photo opportunity. All your guests will forever remember this particular moment. If you want to make your wedding colorful you can order live butterflies from a reputable company that specializes in this sector like Clearwater Butterfly.

wedding day butterfly release

Get Classic Wedding Attire

A wedding is different from all other events or celebrations we can have in life. At your wedding, you must make sure that you get the best wedding outfit that will make your day colorful. Marriage is something that usually comes once in a lifetime if you keep your vows.

Therefore, when you are the bride, you should get the best wedding gown that makes the day colorful. You can choose the best designer whom you can carefully work with to come up with something stylish and attractive. For a change, you can try something that is different from the usual designs.

 Add Some Fun To Your Wedding

The other step you can take is to invent the wheel that consists of some fun prizes where the guests can spin and win. These should not be prizes to take home but things that can make your day exciting. For example, the spins should give you bonuses that request the bride and groom to kiss.

The other spins you can get may request the bride and groom to showcase their best dances to the audiences. On your wedding, all eyes will be on you so you should take every opportunity to prove your potential to your guests.

Make A Circular Sitting Arrangement

All the guests should have a good view of the bride and the groom; hence it is essential to design a circular sitting arrangement. You should also make sure that the guests have enough space to move freely to and from their seats.

It is also important to leave a passage with enough space to allow free movement of the bride and groom.  All the guests should have an opportunity to get a bright glance at these two important people on this special day.

Provide Boxes To Guests

Your guests may need to take some cake home so you should provide them with some boxes to use. When you supply your guests with boxes to carry some cake home, this will be a good gesture to show your appreciation of their presence.

The guests will also remember your wedding day with fond memories, and this is good for historical purposes. The guests can also share an excellent cake with their loved ones who may not be able to attend the wedding.

Provide Your Guests With Coasters

A wedding consists of a lot of fun and other merrymaking activities like dancing. The guests can also join on the dance floor, but they may need to leave their drinks to avoid spills. Therefore, a coaster helps to safeguard the guest’s glass so that no one takes it.

A coaster also helps to cover the top of the glass with your drink to prevent unwanted particles from getting inside. Coasters also help to avoid a scenario where the guests can unintentionally switch the bottles. When your drink has a  mark, you can quickly identify your place.

Create Beautiful Tags For Guests

Some guests may decide to stay overnight so you should try to create attractive door tags to place on their rooms. It can be irritating to have someone knock on your door when you are resting after an eventful day. Therefore, you should try to be creative and design cool door tags with simple messages indicating that other people are sleeping.

Design A Creative RSVP Card

When you design the RSVP card, try to be creative and make it attractive. However, you should try to avoid too many colors as these may affect its appearance. It is also essential to create a message on the card that humorously says it all. Try to make the note appealing to the guests so that they can positively respond.

Let Your Guests Choose Songs On The RSVP

When you send RSVP cards to your guests, try to include a space where they can request their preferred songs to play during the reception. Your guests make the ceremony memorable therefore you should give them room to be part of the proceedings.

On such an occasion, it is important to make everyone special as they will be there to offer you support. Therefore, you can give the guests space to make contributions that can make the ceremony enjoyable by everyone.

Include Photos of Yourselves on The RSVP Card

You can also use your photos on the RSVP card that correspond with the number of guests on the tables. For instance, when there are 18 guests, then you can use your photos when you were 18 years old. Such a scenario will appeal to the guests’ imaginations.

Source:  WeddingMix

Choosing a Security Guard

If you want to add humor to the occasion, select the ring bearer to be the security guard. A ring bearer is usually a young boy of about six or so years. Therefore, it will make the wedding interesting when the same young boy is the security guard.

It is common that all guests to such as occasion are peace-loving. A young security guard adds humor to the ceremony, and he also symbolizes love and affection. Young people are innocent, and they can make your wedding a great success.

Special Handkerchief For The Flower Girl

It is vital that you buy a special handkerchief for the flower girl that you can inscribe something special for her. She can keep this token as a reminder of the day and she can use the handkerchief when she also gets married. You need something borrowed, something blue, something old. In other words, you can use your wedding to inspire other young girls to follow in your footsteps.

Use a Push Pop

confetti pops for wedding day

Instead of throwing rice or other fine particles at the bride and groom, you can use a push pop full of confetti or filled with biodegradable flower petals. A push pop is smart, and it is simple to use. The other good thing about a push pop is that it produces multiple colors that help to create an attractive atmosphere. A colorful atmosphere is good for photography, especially on this special day. Check out Pinterest or Etsy for examples.

Compile Addresses Of All guests

You should compile the addresses of all the guests at your wedding. You can use these details for correspondence before and after the wedding.  To show your appreciation for the guests’ attendance at your wedding, you can send them small tokens after the ceremony. Therefore, you need to keep their physical contact details so that in case you may want to send them a thank you card or a memento of your wedding day.

Share Fun Facts About Yourselves

The other thing that you should do is to share some fun facts about yourselves. You can design small flyers that you place on each table and these should contain some exciting details about yourselves. Apart from your names, some guests may not have any other information about you.

Humorous details about yourselves will help your guests understand you better. This idea is good since it helps your guests to gain a clear picture of your e personality. Your guests can also be in a position to appreciate your characteristics if you are a good fit for your partner.

Honor Guests Not Able to Attend Your Wedding

Some guests may not be able to attend the wedding reception due to various circumstances. However, it is a noble thing for you to honor these people since they remain unique to your list of guests. You can send them different types of tokens or gifts that update them about the success of your reception.

It is also crucial to express your gratitude the guests who could not make it to the ceremony. Such a gesture helps to show these people that you are not bitter about them for failing to grace your special occasion. The extended honor can also help to maintain the ties that exist between you and your guest.

Write Love Letters to Each Other

Both the bride and the groom should write love letters to each other on their wedding day. No one should read another person’s message so you should seal them in a box with wine. You can do this as a way of expressing your love to each other.

You can open these letters together with the wine during your anniversary. This gesture is a symbol of growing and undying love for each other. It will also help you to remember your wedding with fond memories.  You can also use the letter to rate your partner’s love toward you if he can stick to his wedding vow.

Give Each Table A Song

The other way of adding excitement to your wedding is to give each table a song. Whenever the song plays, the whole table should get to the dance floor. You should make sure that everyone enjoys the day through dance.

In case of a buffet, the song can give the table a cue to get food. You can use this strategy to entertain the guests while at the same time maintaining order. If all the guests dance randomly, it may be difficult to keep order within the venue of the reception.

Let Guests Fill A Calendar

You should let your guests sign a calendar where they provide their birthdays and anniversaries.  The schedule can help you as a quick reminder of important dates that you may need to remember. You can quickly check on the calendar and get the details about someone’s special day like an anniversary or birthday.

Such occasions can help cement the relationship with other people who are special in your life. You can continue enjoying and sharing happier moments with other people in your life.

Keep Newspaper Pictures With Your Ring

wedding day rings

The best way of keeping history about your memorable wedding is to make newspaper cuttings with images of your rings. You can place the cutting in a safe place, and it will always remind you of your wedding the moment you touch it.

The other issue is that a newspaper circulates in broad areas. Therefore, this is good since other people can get details about this special event. When such an event gets publicity, you also feel honored, and this gives you fond memories of the day.

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