About Us


Simplyperfectbymelissa.com is a blogging website based on the marriage planning starting from your wedding arrangements till your honeymoon. We recognize that every couple has their story and uniqueness and with that in mind we are here to help you in preparing for the arrangements of your marriage. We will share information on wedding planning, how to plan your budget what are the places where you can save your money, gifting guide in wedding for couple, how its feel to plan your wedding outdoor etc.

Wedding planning will guide you about all the preparations that you can do for your wedding with taken in consideration budget of the wedding.

As a part of wedding planning, outdoor weddings is one of the budgetary options in which you can utilize your backyard and free spaces available. You can get complete guidance for the outdoor wedding and how to make them worth for wedding by doing some decoration.

Whenever you’re buying something ‘Budget’ matters a lot and when preparations for the starts, marriage budget always fluctuates. So we have given various tricks for the controlling your budget. Post-wedding things to be taken into consideration are very important as you have to consider various things like your honeymoon, what to do with your wedding dress, how to maintain the understanding with your life partner in each aspect etc.