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Holding a wedding in your backyard comes with a lot of benefits. Besides offering you the flexibility to get things ready well in advance, it can help you to cut down on your wedding budget significantly. Backyard weddings can eliminate the usual per-person charges that could have otherwise been indicted in a hired venue. To make the most out of it here are ideas on how to arrange budget friendly weddings that will leave a long lasting impression.


Before committing to this great budget friendly idea, there are many things you will need first to put into consideration. To begin with, determine whether your backyard space is large enough to accommodate your guests and any other establishment you will need to put up.

To help you through this, think about your guests’ list, type of reception you would prefer and if you would consider both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are hosting both your ceremony and reception at the same venue, then you will need a bigger space.

Prepare In Advance

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Once you have you mind made up about the garden wedding, get start in making the backyard. It would be great if you will be hosting your ceremony in summer since nature will probably take care of most of your décor expenses.

Plant your garden well in advance while considering your event layout and design. You can always liaise with your wedding planner or caterer to know about your design and sometimes where other additions such as tables and tents will be place.

Consider A Dance Floor

Budget-friendly weddings are all about keeping it minimal and staying within budget. However, no garden wedding is complete without a dance floor to keep your guests on their feet all through the evening.

Be mindful of your female guests in high heels, provide a venue with a beautiful dance floor. If you have a large room within your house, then this would be a good idea to have it has your dancing space.

Light It Up


Garden weddings offer you great opportunities to blend lighting effects with nature. You can light it up with as many beautiful strands of lights as you would possibly wish. For impressive effects, it is suggest that you wrap lighting strands around trees as well as hanging lights inside outdoor tents. This will look great especially for an evening garden reception.

Enlist The Assistance Of Family And Friends

Delegate duties, this cannot be over emphasiz enough when planning budget-friendly weddings. Let your sisters and sisters-in-laws organize and assist in catering or your brother coordinating your wedding venue sitting arrangement. This will go a long way in downsizing your budget.

Personalize It

Since this is your backyard, you can decide to give it a personal feel with the kind of intimate details you can think of, make it your haven. Hang beautiful polaroids of you and your spouse-to-be on the back of chairs or tents.

You can also take an opportunity to display portraits of you from a younger age all through the years up to the present time. You can decorate the trees and all around the backyard with memorabilia that is so dear to the both of you.

Put Up A Tent

This is highly recommended as this will come in handy when the weather unpredictable changes and decides to rain on the day of your wedding. You would not also like to have your beautiful décor be ruine in the bad weather conditions.


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