Best Bridal Shower Gift choices

 Bridal Shower  Gifting Guide

We all want to give our friends something beautiful and unique to celebrate their wedding.

The bridal shower is such one occasion where women close to the bride get together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. It is indeed customary to bring with you a gift to the bridal shower.

However, most of us are lost for choices on what to present for a gift.

To start with, ask if the couple has a wish list and if registered you can use the registry to pick a gift for them.

If you are a person who loves surprises and want to give an unexpected gift, here is a list of great gift ideas you can choose from.

Picture Frames


They may not be the sexiest gifts, but the Bride will appreciate good picture frames. Once those captured sweet moments come in, there is no doubt your friend will love to show them off long after their wedding is over.

Crystal Flower Vase

A quality flower vase can add a classy look to your verandah, corridor or on a dining table. Since there is a broad range of flower vases to choose from, you can go for a decorated glass type. For example, pick a glass vase with diamond engraved shaped design that will create a visual effect on the crystal. The design should be attractive enough but should not overshadow the beautiful floral arrangement.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner iRobot 760

If you really want to splurge – and make sure your married bridesmaids understand that you understand their pain – give them a robotic vacuum cleaner!

The iRobot 760 vacuum cleaner is a great choice. It removes up to 98-percent of dirt, fur and dust on its own just by the touch of a button. It is capable of thoroughly cleaning the entire floor including areas that are hard to reach such as under the furniture. This can be such a big surprise gift for your friend’s bridal shower.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses

To impress the newlyweds-to-be, you can opt for gifts that have a personalized touch to it. Choose a set of striking crystal wine glasses with beautifully engraved last names of the couple on each glass. These creative pieces will no doubt provide a meaningful keepsake.

The Newlywed’s Cookbook

Find an excellent cookbook for a shower gift. This makes home cooking a romantic affair for the couple; it will inspire them to get in the kitchen and take part in the cooking. It can also offer them a chance to once in a while select a recipe and have a quiet at-home date night.


There is nothing joyful and comforting as wrapping up yourself using a newly acquired clothes. After the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities, the bride will need a comfy garment to slip into. The robe will provide her with the much-needed comfort to relieve her stress. Ensure that you inquire to know the color she loves most before setting out to buy one.

Cookware Set

cookware set

Although this is a traditional bridal shower gift, you can always choose a unique set such as a ceramic non-stick cookware. This type of cookware set is simple, elegant and perfect for beginner chefs since they come with handles. The bride-to-be will have a worry free cooking sessions.

Waffle Maker

This is a typical bridal shower or wedding gift. Belgian-style waffles are great the couple will use the waffle maker to produce crispy, buttery waffles. There are several options to consider; you can opt for waffle bowl maker or heart-shaped waffle maker. Weekends for them just got better and sweeter.

Couple Travel-Map

This is a perfect gift for couples who love to travel. It is a DIY (do it yourself) map, and the idea is to let the couple mark places they have been to, where they are planning to visit and places they are dreaming of visiting someday. It helps them get inspired by trip ideas and probably plan for their honeymoon.

A Photo Album For Their Anniversaries

A Photo Album For Their Anniversaries

This is a pleasant gift for the newlyweds-to-be since it begins a fun tradition and can also double up as a meaningful keepsake. Ever year anniversary can be relived through photo memories. The couple can take a photo and place it in the anniversary album.

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

This is suitable for those couples who love to entertain themselves in their backyards. It blends both functionality and style providing a convenient way to stay refreshed during summer times. It can also be a particular way to assist the couple in upgrading their kitchen with this product.

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

A young couple is often still vibrant and loves hanging out during their spare time. For instance, you can picture them in the summer leisurely enjoying a good time in a park while having a nice picnic. Help your best friends by gifting them with a picnic basket to make that happen.

A Luggage

Upgrade your friend’s luggage just before her honeymoon with one that offers cool features to make her traveling experience easier. Consider a spinner luggage with four wheels instead of two for ease of mobility.

Acrylic Wine Rack

Acrylic Wine Rack

This provides an excellent solution to wine storage. It’s free to design showcases the organic shapes of the wine bottles giving it an elegant look. You can choose from a range of different shapes and sizes.

Throw Blankets

They are most popular for wrapping yourself while sitting on a couch or watching your favorite movie. You can get the couple a personalized throw blankets with the bride-to-be’s future last name.


This is an ultimate gift for the tea lovers. Find a unique and adorable tea pot that the bride will love. Besides, it will also add up to her kitchenware.


A new comforter is both a practical and symbolic gift suitable for a bridal shower; it can also be appropriate for a wedding gift as well. It represents a fresh start and a new beginning in the new couple’s lives.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are some of the gift ideas for modern bridal showers. Choose stylish scented candles that the couple can use for their home.

Something For Their Honeymoon

Accessories such as towels and a beach bag or co-coordinating high and thongs will remind the newlyweds-to-be to start parking before the wedding.

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