Some Of The Best Ways To Propose The One You Love

Wedding Planning: Best Ways To Propose A Girl

Proposing marriage to the one you love most is no mean feat but rather can be an overwhelming experience. Getting started will require you to be creative, romantic and original when you pop up the question you have been dying to ask your love. It is often a frightening moment especially when you don’t know how to go about the whole experience.

However, it is essential that you kept yourself brave and collected before proposing to avoid awkward moments. Since this is an event that often happens once in your lifetime, you need to prepare and plan the moment perfectly. The following are some of the best ways to propose a girl.

Proposing On The Beach


The beach is one of the most romantic places to propose your girlfriend. Besides the natural beauty that involves the rolling waves and the sand, the setting is also romantic. Bring her to a secluded and safe area of the beach and built a sandcastle together. While she is looking away, place the ring at the top of the highest tower of the sandcastle and pop up the question.

You can also walk together along the beach where you will come across some scribbled writing in the sand. You can pretend never to have seen this before while in fact, you had it written hours earlier. Let her read the message and at the appropriate time you pull out the ring box out of your pocket and propose her.

Propose On Her Birthday

Let your girl know that you will not be able to attend her wedding due to some reason but instead, you are going to send her a big gift. Get a large box and keep yourself inside ready with your proposal ring. With the assistance of your friends, let them present you at your lover’s birthday party.

The idea here is to pull a surprise that she never expects, she will be anxious for a gift from you not knowing you are the gift’. She will be asked by her friends to open the gift only to be surprised it is you ready with a proposal ring. At that particular moment, asked her if she will marry you. She will say yes, and the rest will lead to a wedding planning.

Propose At The Place You First Had A Date


The best memories that never fade away are where you took your lover for your first date. Take her to that special place where she will recall some sweet old memories. You can take the opportunity to review your dating journey and perhaps suggest that you are both ready to take the next step in that journey. When you have fully drawn her attention, go ahead to propose to her, and she will say yes.

Hidden Marriage Proposal Magic Mug

This mug works like magic; it looks plain black or blue at normal room temperature. When any hot liquid is added to it, it changes color to reveal your proposal against a bright white background. This mug may seem simple, but it never fails to surprise and delight.

She will never expect a proposal coming when you fill the mug with her favorite hot drink by the fireplace. The words will remain hidden and as soon as it is hot, the ‘will you marry me?’ the question pops up.

Famous Restaurant Proposal


Plan to take your love to a famous restaurant for dinner. Plan alone beforehand with the manager to have a private room equipped with a table and two chairs with dimly lit lighting environment. Then, later on, bring your date there for dinner and first surprise her with the arrangement.

Order the favorite food your girlfriend loves and while having dinner, take off your ring box from your pocket and get down on your knees and propose her. Most ladies love restaurant proposal.

Propose Under A Candlelit Dinner

Instead of bringing your girlfriend to the restaurant, you can create a romantic mood within your house by use of candles. One way to create this is by organizing a candlelit dinner. Cook whatever your girlfriend loves most and set that on the dining table.

Then stick scented candles around the table and anywhere possible across the room. When done with the arrangement, light up the candles and switch off the lights. Here is that moment to invite your girlfriend to that special place to enjoy dinner together. While enjoying her dinner, take off the ring from your pocket and with your knee on the floor propose her.

T-Shirt Proposal


Another ingenious way to getting started on planning a proposal is by arranging a get together with friends at your home and get your girlfriend to attend. A few hours before she comes in for the get-together, let your friends where T-shirts written ‘(your name) wants to be your better half’.

When she arrives, she will be surprised by what your friends are wearing, and then come out from the group with your unique T-shirt with ‘will you marry me?’ written on it.

Propose In A Plane

Plan a romantic trip to a certain destination of your dreams with your girlfriend. While cruising high up in the sky, excuse yourself and tell your girlfriend that you are visiting the washrooms. Go straight in front of the plane and propose your love using the loudspeaker. This will require that you first ask for permission from a flight attendant to be able to use the microphone.

Propose Using Love Notes Around Your House

Another way to get you closer to planning a wedding with your girlfriend is by proposing your love using love notes around your house. Let this be like a game, write love notes on pieces of paper and every time indicating a lead to the next note hidden somewhere in the house.

Let her find each note after the other and on your last piece of paper you can write a beautiful love message and then followed by the will you marry me?’ question. Behind her back, go down on your knee with your ring and after she reads the last part of the note and turns she will already find you there waiting for an answer. It is a simple but very romantic way to propose.

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