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Wedding Planning During Covid-19: What Are The Solutions?

The big question today is how to prepare wedding planning during Covid-19. There is a lot of consideration when planning your big day–regardless of where your wedding date falls on the calendar. But when it happens to be in the middle of this crisis, you may be wondering what you should do–if anything–to prepare a plan B for your wedding plans during Covid-19 which may impact the venue or the attendees.

Now, whether you’re arranging a wedding in the home or overseas, you will find many moving elements surrounding COVID-19–and as this situation is fluid, what it means for your wedding, primarily, really depends upon your guest count, wedding date, location, and length of travel involved.

However, at this point, it is safe to say that any 2020 wedding will look differently, whether it’s possible to happen on a … Read the rest

Wedding Planning During Covid-19

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20 Unique and Special Touches To Improve Your Wedding Day

A wedding day is a beautiful day that marks a turning point in your life. The day brings joy and fond memories of a transition from single to married status. On this day, the couple makes their marriage official. Therefore, if you are interested in making this day memorable, you need to consider various wedding day options to remember this special day!

Here Are Fun Ideas To Consider

There are different measures that you can take to be creative during your wedding ceremony. At your wedding, you should try some things that are unique and likely to appeal to the interests of your guests. The following 20 ideas may improve your wedding day and possibly your marriage and make it a memorable event in the years to come.… Read the rest

Things To Consider On Your Wedding Planning Check-List

Best Wedding Planning Ideas To Be Consider In Checklist

Nothing is as exciting as when you are engaged to that one person you love the most. As soon as this has happened, it’s time to share this good news with family and friends. After your engagement, probably comes the most important event of your life, planning the wedding.

This is not an easy task since there will be a lot of activities that must be accomplished before the arrival of the big day. To plan for a perfect celebration for your wedding. The following are the most important things you should consider on your wedding checklist.… Read the rest

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Some Of The Best Ways To Propose The One You Love

Wedding Planning: Best Ways To Propose A Girl

Proposing marriage to the one you love most is no mean feat but rather can be an overwhelming experience. Getting started will require you to be creative, romantic and original when you pop up the question you have been dying to ask your love. It is often a frightening moment especially when you don’t know how to go about the whole experience.

However, it is essential that you kept yourself brave and collected before proposing to avoid awkward moments. Since this is an event that often happens once in your lifetime, you need to prepare and plan the moment perfectly. The following are some of the best ways to propose a girl.

Proposing On The Beach


The beach is one of the most romantic places to propose your girlfriend. Besides the natural … Read the rest