Covid-19 Changed The Wedding Are Gifts Still Appropriate?

Wedding gifts have always been a tricky subject, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters even more difficult. As couples postpone their marriages or go for smaller events such as mini ceremonies (minimonies), guests probably wonder what to do about presents.

In case you were invited to a wedding that has been postponed, should a gift still be bought and send? What if the couple opted for a digital wedding or elopement rather than a bigger event? And how much should you spend on a present if you are not attending the wedding?

Here’s everything you will need to know about wedding gifts etiquette throughout COVID-19 pandemic.

I was invited to a marriage ceremony, which got postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Should I wait till the new date to send a present? Do I need to send a present for both the original date and the new date?

You only need to buy the couple one gift, and we advise sending it around the time of the first wedding date. Doing this provides something to celebrate during what is probably an emotional time, and it’ll also help the engaged couple begin their life together when they initially intended. You don’t have to buy another gift for the postponed wedding date, but providing a handwritten card once that time comes is definitely a thoughtful gesture.

I sent a present, and the wedding was postponed shortly after. Can I request my present back?

If the couple still plans on getting married, then you need to not request your gift back. Yes, wedding gifts are traditionally returned in cases where the couple calls their wedding off entirely, but that is not true here.

Often, couples are forced to change their wedding programs, whether that means elope, host a digital wedding, have a minimony, or postpone to a later date. Though circumstances have changed, you are still celebrating their forthcoming marriage–so let them keep the present.

Wedding Gift Plans

Do I have to send a present to a digital wedding?

Wedding presents are sometimes seen as an exchange between a couple and guest–since the happy couple entertains and feeds you, you give a gift to “cover your plate.” That is really not how it works. Presents are given as a sign of your love and friendship and encourage the couple to begin their new life together.

And that applies if the couple is hosting a Zoom ceremony or an on-site wedding or. So if you are attending a digital wedding, you should really send a present to the engaged couple to show your love.

The couple opts for a minimony, and I was not invited. Should I send a gift?

Many couples have been made to change their guest lists to keep everybody safe amid the COVID pandemic. If the new couple choose to have a minimony and you were not invited, do not be insulted–the couple is taking your safety seriously.

And yes, if you’re invited or got a save-the-date into the couple’s original event, you still need to give a gift. The couple did wish you to join their marriage, and getting them a gift shows your co-operation.

I was invited to a couple’s wedding but chose not to attend. Do I still have to send a present?

Yes, wedding gift custom dictates that while you do not have to provide a gift, if you are not attending a marriage is still a good idea, particularly if you’re close with the couple.

The couple canceled their marriage and haven’t declared if they are rescheduling. Do I need to send a present?

The couple is probably trying to figure out their next move–maybe they are planning to elope or hosting a minimony. We still suggest sending the couple a gift timed to their wedding date. They will surely appreciate the gesture as they attempt to place new programs in motion.

How much should I spend on a present if I am not attending the wedding?

The normal guest spends about $120 on a wedding present, but you can surely spend less than that if you are not attending the wedding. But if you are very close to the couple, you might think about spending what you normally would, even in case you won’t be present for the nuptials. In any event, your best option is to have a look at the couple’s wedding registry and choose a present at a price point you are comfortable with.

Wedding Gifts Inspirations

Beautiful Blooms

Wedding Gift Plans

Image source: UrbanStems

Flowers brighten up any space. Send them this pretty gift collection for a beautiful surprise. It signifies “boundless love and new hope,” making this wedding gift ideal for couples that had to postpone their wedding.

UrbanStems The Capulet, $98

Beautiful Cake and Cake Stand

Image source: anthropologie

Get them a gift as sweet as their love. Order a special cake and present them this accompanying cake rack for an Instagram-worthy (and tasty ) postponed wedding present.

Anthropologie Alma cake stand, $28

Celebrity Greeting

What better way to allow the couple to know you are thinking of them than by hiring their favorite star to deliver the message? Take a look at Cameo, a business that allows you to buy personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities. Whether they are sports super fans, reality television junkies, or cinephiles, you will have the ability to find a star they love who will send them an encouraging message.

Coffee Maker For Two

Image source: Nordstrom

This pour-over carafe set is built for 2 and will help them brew the perfect coffee cup each time. Round out the present with this bestselling gift collection, which features the top-selling coffee machines from La Colombe.

Fellow Stagg XF pour-over coffeemaker set, $99

 Donate To A Cause They Love

A very thoughtful way to show the couple you are thinking of them during this period is contributing to a charity or organization in their name. Not only will it bring them some pleasure, but it will also aid the group’s efforts.

Help the couple help their beloved small company. Present them a gift card to their favorite restaurant so that they can order a tasty meal. They could turn it into a full-length night–and they will probably welcome the break from cooking in the kitchen.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Wedding Gift Plans

Image source: Anthropologie

Postponing a wedding is an upsetting and stressful experience. To help your nearest and dearest unwind, think about aromatherapy. This essential oil diffuser will help develop feelings of cheerfulness, calmness, and restfulness–and the posh design will look great in their dwelling.

Vitruvi charcoal Rock essential oil diffuser, $119,

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Image source: etsy

As far as couple activities go, beginning an indoor garden is a fun and innovative thought. Present them with this starter kit so that they can grow fresh herbs right in their kitchen. Not only will it provide some much-needed diversion, but it will also enhance their home-cooked foods.

Hortiki Plants organic herb gardening kit, $46,

Luxury Bakeware

Image source: SurLaTable

Up to their Kitchen match by presenting them this Le Creuset stoneware baker. (it’s ideal for baking soda bread–just saying.) Really anything by this famous brand will be a great addition to their kitchen.

Le Creuset legacy baker 12×9 at the Caribbean, $80

Peaceful Pause

If they’re postponing a wedding, there are probably many things on their heads. Help them de-stress by providing them a prepaid subscription to Calm, the no. 1 app for sleep and meditation.

Personalized Board Game

Image source: etsy

Give the couple a memorable wedding postponement present. This is a customized version of the classic board game “Guess Who?” You may fill it with their friends, family, or other important people for a fun addition to their game night.

Boardgame Bonnie Guess Who game, $99,

Popcorn Maker

Image source: Crate&Barrel

Stay-at-home orders mean more movie nights for everybody. Make their Netflix or Hulu session a bit more interesting with a hot air popcorn maker.

Cuisinart air popcorn maker, $40,

Pretty Pitcher

Image source: Anthropologie

Encourage their internal mixologists with this magnificent Portuguese stoneware pitcher. They could fill it with big-batch sangria, hard lemonade, or margaritas.

Anthropologie Old Havana pitcher, $48

Sentimental Scrapbook

Image source: Artifact Uprising

This adorable scrapbook can help them remember this unique chapter of their lives. They can add photographs of the zoom wedding, minimony, or dedication ceremony for today and fill in the remainder after their wedding date.

Artifact Uprising The Stories We Tell scrapbook in Midnight with Copper Foil, from $119

Speaker for At-Home First Dance

Image source: Nordstrom

They can have their first dance on their wedding date. Send this speaker so that they can slow dance in their living space. The 360-degree sound technology will fill the space, making it a unique experience for the newly wedded couple.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker, $200

Throw Blanket

Image source: Nordstrom

Give them the present of comfortable cuddles with this soft blanket. They will love breaking it out for their next film marathon.

UGG Coastline plush blanket in Seal, $98,

Virtual Cheers

Even if the couple postponed their wedding, there are ways to celebrate the wedding date. Gift them this cute set complete with sparkling champagne flutes and a trio of gourmet gummies. They could pop the bubbly and revel in the sweet treats on which would have been their wedding day. Cheers!

Wedding Gift Plans

Image source: nordstrom

Sugarfina Pop the Champagne candy set, $48,

If there was ever a time to get a big glass of wine, postponing your wedding is definitely it. Gift the vino-lovers a subscription to Winc, a wine delivery service that curates picks based on their preferences and tastes. Go the extra mile and put in on this care package made for wine lovers. It’s everything from a wine tasting notepad to a CBD patch for the morning after.

If they’re more into liquor or beer, use Drizly to send them their favorite drink. Take the present up a notch by arranging a digital happy hour together to remind them only how excited you are for their upcoming nuptials.

Virtual Overseas Trip

If they’re unable to go on their honeymoon like they originally intended, consider giving them a virtual encounter on Airbnb Adventures. They could explore a European town, have a cooking class, or create some craft cocktails as wedding gifts.

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