How To Deal With The Inevitable Post Wedding Crash

Ah… Post Wedding Depression

It is the sad truth that the beautiful and glamorous wedding you have been planning for many months will come and go. Whenever you arrive back home from a vacation, you usually feel a massive let down that you are back to real life again instead of being glad you had one.

The post-wedding crash works just the same way, and you can only manage through this process with a plan. Sometimes, it starts by shopping for a new mattress online.

It is at this time when most couples have to struggle to transition from an engaged to a married situation.

Here are some of the ways newlyweds can handle a post-wedding crash.

Always Keep In Mind That It A Beginning Of Life Together

Depressed woman

A wedding is a life-changing step that you must embrace long before you walk down the isle. Keeping this fact in mind will greatly reduce the tendency of experiencing a post-wedding crash. Take time to plan things that you anticipate together as a couple.

For instance, you can explore buying mattresses online when setting up the home or shopping for new furniture. Take a weekend away to allow your mind a bit of time to repair from all the excitement and pressure that comes along with wedding planning.

Be Prepared

Always remember that a wedding is just an event, therefore, beware that post wedding-crash is real. As soon as you acknowledge this, it will give you a leg up into dealing with emotions that come along with it. Being organized is the main key to avoiding post-wedding blues, the more prepared you are, the better.

During the wedding planning stage try to take time out together, never let the whole process take over your lives and miss the main point of both of you getting hitched in the first place.

You Can Think Of Premarital Counseling

It is not a bad idea to have premarital counseling sessions. It is here that you can share your post wedding crash expectations and get assistance on how to deal with them. Besides, this is a proactive move into securing the future of your relationship.

The main aim of premarital counseling is to help identify conflicts and differences you may be experiencing and not being able to have adequately resolv. It helps the couples to learn communication skills and how to deal with disappointments that will come along.

Redefine Your Original Family Relationship

Post Wedding Emotional Depression

It is usual to feel sad that you are moving away from the family you have loved and grew in over the years. Try to focus more on the new family you are beginning instead of your lovely family you are leaving behind. Getting marry do not mean that you have completely been cut off from your old family. You are still part of their lives, and this transition is just part of life that must be embrace passively.

It Is Ok To Feel A Little Bit Sad

You should also note on your post-wedding plans list that feeling sad is ok, and everyone is prone to such an occurrence. The feeling of missing your close friends and family whom you may not get to see more often can be overwhelming.

The best way to pull it through is to try as much as possible to get back to doing things the way you used to do before the wedding. Embark on the daily life routines and cherishing the little things that marriage brings your way.

Let Your Spouse Be Your Pillar

You can always have your spouse to lean on when faced with post wedding crash. Never feel either embarrassed or uncomfortable to share your sadness with your better half. He loves and understands you, after all, it’s the sole reason you chose him over anyone else for a life partner. You can plan for date nights with your spouse; this will help you look forward to better times together.

Schedule Your Honeymoon Appropriately

The enormous stresses that come along with the hustle and bustle of many months of wedding planning can get to insane levels. Take time off soon after the wedding to relax and clear your mind before embarking on your long awaited honeymoon. This will greatly help you both overcome the stresses and slowly come back to reality.

Take Advantage Of New Skills

Probably during the wedding planning process, you must have learned new skills that you didn’t have. Take advantage of this new skills and help your friends who are planning to get marry and they have no idea how to go about it. You can also decide to set up a shop selling wedding related items such as stationery or decorations.


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