Expect To Spend More On Your 2021-2022 Wedding And Ways To Save Money

If you’re planning a wedding in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, you deserve a serious pat on the back. It’s a tough time for everyone, but particularly those wanting to plan the most important and influential day in their life. If you feel like you’re facing resistance to every move you make during the preparation process, you are far from alone.

The wedding industry has had to make extreme pivots to maintain their customer’s plans in motion and keep their jobs afloat. At the start of the pandemic, weddings came to a sudden pause (as did everything else!) And couples were forced to postpone, and a few canceled because of not having the ability to host their original guest count. It was a very sad and, quite honestly, stressful time for many, with many losing considerable amounts of cash that had already been paid toward accomplishing their wedding day.

Now that we have a better understanding of how best to take care of planning during a pandemic and an understanding of how to execute safety precautions like from temperature tests and sanitation channels to rapid COVID evaluations, preparation is now a little more streamlined. But as a consequence of all these additional concerns, new regions of focus, and financial losses from the 2020 season, some sellers raise their prices.

Arranging a wedding budget can be stressful enough, but many couples add a worldwide pandemic to their list of stressors. Mixing these two exceptionally stressful events can leave you feeling as if you’re developing a cocktail for disaster. If you intended to get married in 2020 or plan your weddings in 2021, you are not alone. There are lots of brides who are gracefully navigating the wedding preparation chaos amidst the turbulence of COVID-19.

So, while your wedding plans might have taken a detour, it’s still possible to have the marriage ceremony of your dreams with a few minor changes. COVID-19 is making brides hit the reset button and change the course of how they celebrate their marriage. However, it is leaving people to wonder how their budgets will be impacted. By following a couple of simple recommendations to revise your wedding, you may make a glorious bonafide celebration, even during a pandemic.

Decide What’s Most Valuable To You As A Couple

When going through a new wedding budget, it is important to sit down with your own partner and decide what is important for you as a couple. You will discover that there were many categories in your budget that aren’t important for you as a couple.

Taking the time to evaluate what you need for your wedding as a couple will help make sure you are spending the wedding budget how you want. Often, when planning a wedding, friends’ and relatives’ opinions can seize the management of your big day. Hence, deciding how you wish to allocate your budget can allow you to avoid money wasters and concentrate on what really matters.

Pick a Less “Desirable” Date

Sure, a Saturday Night wedding may be optimal, but it will also cost you the most money than any other day of the week. To cut down on costs, choosing a date that is lower in demand.

For example, a weekday will save you money on your site and different sellers as well since weekends are in high demand. Additionally, choosing a wedding date in the offseason for the area you are getting married will also help your prices as those dates are also in low demand.

Send Digital Invitation

Did you know that marriage invitations typically cost a few hundred bucks, even for a small wedding? In actuality, according to a recent study, the average couple spends $223 on their wedding invitations and RSVP cards. This number doesn’t include save-the-dates, postage, service programs, and other stationery used for the big day, such as menus, which may amount to a huge amount. Sending a formal invitation through the mail is fine. The money may be better spent elsewhere.

Rather than sending your invitations in the mail, you may want to use digital wedding invitations. You can use a service such as digital online wedding invitations to streamline the invitation procedure. Some digital invitation companies allow you to resemble your wedding theme, customize your RSVP questions, and send reminders and statements.

Therefore, you are saving money, but you are simplifying your communication with your guest list.

Reconsider Food Options

Catering is probably among the most crucial expenses included in any wedding budget. From an open bar to plated meals, catering tabs may increase to large quantities. The typical wedding catering cost per person varies depending on the number of guests and service style. Plated meals generally average around $100-$200 per individual, and the ordinary buffet price is $50-$100 per individual.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, buffets may be out of the question. But you can get creative with how to serve food to your wedding attendees without breaking your budget.

Some couples have decided to perform a picnic-style wedding during the day. They bought individually wrapped fruit cups, condiments, chips, and sandwiches to guarantee everyone was not sharing germs.

Even if you don’t want a picnic, try to get creative with serving food to your guests. While you might have considered a BBQ buffet with finger-licking meals, an economical plated meal may be a better way to keeping your guest secure during COVID-19.

Cut the Guest List

With the new Social space requirements, you might need to reconsider the number of visitors on your guest list. Even though a venue may have been able to accommodate 300 hundred guests in the past, they may now only have the ability to accommodate half that sum to keep a suitable social distance.

With the new Safety precautions, many places can’t accommodate the number of guests originally meant to be invited. So, couples will have to decrease their guest list in half, which will help save money and fulfill the venue’s demands.

If You wish to have a huge wedding, find out whether your guest list is still sensible. Otherwise, this is the best opportunity to cut back on your guest count. After all, the more visitors you have, the more you can expect to spend. Cutting your guest list can free up some money to put towards another marriage budget class that you may be more enthusiastic about.

Book Based on the Minimum Guest Count

Remind clients they can always update, but they can not downgrade once a contract is signed. It’s recommended to procure your venue based on your minimum guest count, cheapest catering package, or the minimum dollar amount depending on the particular space you would like to secure.

This way, you have the choice to grow into your genuinely desired variety of guests once the time comes. However, you won’t need to worry about fulfilling a particular number that you might be unable to possess (for the many reasons we watched unfold this year.

Include a Live-Stream

In addition to cutting down your guest list, you might wish to consider hosting a virtual event via live stream. This way, you can include people who don’t feel comfortable attending or people you had to cut out of your listing. Live events let you have an inclusive wedding at a lower price.

Whether a live stream was included in your original wedding programs or not, ensure that your guests have all the information. Again, to make sure invites do not break the bank, consider sending online invitations or alter the dates through joy to your guests with the information to your digital celebration.

You will also want to ascertain your live stream platform according to your guest count and your event’s projected length during this time. Keep in mind that different streaming providers may have varying fees and prerequisites. Regardless of what streaming service you opt to use, it is sensible to do your research beforehand and plan accordingly.

Conveniently live stream your wedding straight through your wedding site via Vimeo or YouTube integrations, or Facebook. This simplifies the guest’s access to an event by allowing them to visit your site before the ceremony occurs.

Incorporate a Line Item for Safety Steps

From sanitizer at each table to masks and health checks in the door, taking health safety precautions will need to be a line item in your budget. Before, there may not have been security regulations that you had to keep at the forefront of your wedding preparation. Now, every state has different criteria weddings must follow to decrease the virus’s exposure.

To help keep guests secure and make them feel contented, brides are finding creative ways to execute safety measures.

You can ask a Family to greet guests at the door and check their temperature upon entry. Asking a friend to help enables us to save money while maintaining our guest’s safety. Have masks available and sanitizer at each table to keep your guests healthy.

When planning your wedding, speak with your venue about ways to keep your guests safe and healthy. Your venue may have creative alternatives for keeping your wedding dreams while remaining compliant with health criteria.

Hire a Wedding Planner, Stat!

While forgoing a wedding planner and trying to coordinate all the preparation that goes along with your wedding yourself may look like a fantastic way to reduce costs, it is actually a quick way for them to add up.

Wedding planners have connections with vendors so that they can’t only better bargain on your behalf but also utilize their business discounts. You will also save money as your wedding planner has the expertise and insider knowledge to guide you through all of your choices and what your best choices are, including what is cost-effective and/or a fantastic value and what you might not need in any respect.

If you provide your wedding planner a budget, they’re more likely to adhere to it than you’d alone because of the improved knowledge of how to plan a wedding.

Postpone Your Honeymoon

According to the latest research, the average couple spends approximately $5,000 on their honeymoon. One in every ten couples will likely spend over $10,000 with the bulk withdrawing out of their savings to pay for the excursion (60 percent ).

With the uncertainty of what is to come from the travel industry, you might feel uncomfortable traveling shortly. Therefore, it may be sensible to postpone your honeymoon. Not only will postpone give you peace of mind, but it provides you more time to replenish your own savings to pay-in-full for the honeymoon of your dreams.

Rather than using the energy and time to plan your honeymoon, you may use your brainpower to devote more effort to your wedding.

Arranging a wedding budget during COVID-19 does not have to be stressful. Like any event, it is important to be adaptable and have backup solutions when things do not go the way you planned. As you browse planning your special event, remember that downsizing and making other modifications can help you save money to reallocate money toward things that actually matter for you as a couple. When you plan the wedding of your dreams, you will have accomplished a huge landmark together that may even bring you closer.

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