Fall Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

Step aside, June, since October is now the most popular month to get married. It is plain as day to see why. Fall’s warmer temperatures provide for tons of stunning fall wedding ideas. Just think eating s’mores around the bonfire, cozy warm drinks, and a not-so-sweaty time outside to be had by all.

Seasonal produce can also offer fresh farm-to-table reception menus and natural decorations (hello, pumpkin centerpieces!). Festive fall fruit, for example, can even get another shelf life because of surprisingly beautiful personalized site environments or escort-card holders.

Fall foliage alone also offers a visually appealing situation for outdoor autumn weddings. You’ll be able to capitalize on Mother Nature on your wedding bouquet or service background. An outdoor autumn wedding could be so charming, sweet, and mysterious!

Just imagine — saying your nuptials with beautiful fall flowers, with colorful autumn leaves around, and cool pumpkin decorations. If you’re planning such a gorgeous big day and not afraid of inclement weather, then this roundup would be of fantastic service to you.

An arch can be so beautiful! Add a few Fall leaves (no matter, natural or not), berries, blossoms and twigs — and voila, the most significant décor piece for an outdoor wedding. Hang some baskets with pine cones, pumpkins, flowers, and other items on the seats — based upon the colors and theme of your wedding.

Don’t overlook that the table settings and fall centerpieces — there are a lot of fresh ideas with vegetables and flowers!

To inspire you to your wedding day, we gathered a number of the most simple rustic wedding tips for fall. Start looking for a few more amazing ideas below and have a terrific big day!

Outdoor Fall Wedding Ceremony Space

How to decorate an outdoor ceremony area for a wedding? Line up the aisle with pumpkins, autumn leaves, wooden baskets or bold blooms in vases.

As for the arch, there are a lot of ideas but to adopt the season, add foliage, bright blooms, candles, and dried autumn leaves. Tree stumps to hold planters and vases with greenery and blossoms are right what you will need to put in a cozy fall touch to space. The colors are entirely up to you, but most of all couples prefer to stone moody or bright blossoms.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Party

Embrace your wedding party with the same stuff as the aisle — pumpkins, blooms, fall leaves, and blossoms. Rock the same for the centerpieces and include candle lanterns, elegant copper or gold cutlery, bring in table runners and bright napkins and apples and pomegranates to remind that it is fall. Add more lights everywhere, as in the autumn it becomes dark faster, and lights will bring coziness into space. Dress up the chairs with blankets, and your visitors will be super thankful when it gets cold outside.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Food And Drinks

Choose fall food and drinks. Choose your favorite manageable dishes with some rustic taste: hearty fall vegetables, turkey, sweet potatoes, and cornbread.

Opt for teas, donuts, cold or hot apple cider, candy apples, and pops which are all part of the fall menu. Desserts, such as carrot cake, apple and pumpkin pies, and pumpkin spice cake, are excellent methods of representing the season.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Photographs

Take pictures in the morning or the day since the sun goes down quicker, and the absence of natural light can spoil your pics. It is also going to get colder when the sun goes down, so it will not be comfortable to take photographs outside.

Challenges To Overcome

Wear the appropriate your attire. Time to face the fact: your wedding gown will get dirty at a backyard wedding. Minimize the damage by selecting a dress with no train and a shorter hemline so that the fabric won’t drag on the floor. Avoid high heels, because the tip can comfortably get wedged in mud, and select for sensible apartments or wedges instead. Inform your hairdresser and makeup artist about your place so that they can prepare for humidity or rain.

There are other possible problems that you will need to remember when planning a fall wedding. Next, bear in mind that if guests are comfortable at your day wedding ceremony, they will need to get ready for the temperature to drop in the evening.

One idea: Organize bins of inexpensive wraps in the reception entrance, or put up heat lamps in outdoor areas where guests may want to relax. You might even adopt the season with a couple of fire pits (and perhaps some s’ mores!).

Another common barrier is the autumn wedding flowers. Though many popular wedding flowers aren’t in season in this period of the year. This is the best opportunity to get creative with a fall wedding bouquet. Incorporate unexpected plants such as wheat, crab apples, and decorative vegetables. We know of one bride who used cotton plants in all her wedding designs!

Fend off pesky bugs by making sure the grass is cut at least one day before your wedding and spray for pests. Pesky mosquitoes can still sneak into your party, however, so provide insect spray on the tables or in the bathrooms.

Have a backup plan due to unforeseen weather changes. Does your selected venue have an indoor area to use in the event of rain? Otherwise, consider reserving tent weeks ahead of time, even if a deposit is a need. The cost might save guests from sitting blustering winds and heavy rains as you say “I do.”

Since tents take time to install, you’ll need to make rain call days before the wedding. Have a look at the weather forecast and accept defeat when necessary. You may not have dreamed of getting married beneath a tent, but guests will barely tell the difference once the decorations are in place.

Many gardens and parks allow wedding ceremonies on the premises; however, they may not be all-inclusive with conveniences. Assess whether your venue has adequate restrooms, parking for guests,  and power (for light, food preparation facilities, and audio). You might require to factor the expense of a chainsaw, valet service, or movable restrooms into your budget.

Permits are often needed when throwing an event in a public space, and couples must work within the parameters set by the venue. Talk to the property manager beforehand to make sure you’re permitted to get tents, rentals, and other essential items on the site.

Finally, don’t forget to do your research when choosing a fall wedding date. There are many holidays during the autumn, such as the Jewish high holidays, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. But by doing your research, you can help your guests avoid scheduling disputes.

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