How Much To Spend On Wedding Gifts

Spending A Lot Of Money For Wedding Gifts

In every wedding ceremony, you attend as a guest, you are always faced with the question, how much should I spend on wedding gifts? There is no universally agreed amount since it depends on your relationship with the newly married along with other factors.

However, certain general etiquette rules can be applied to ease this stress. The following are some of the proven ideas that are acceptable and often work when it comes to giving wedding gifts.

Your Gift Price Should Not Be Below $50

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This should be the minimum amount you can spend on getting the couple a gift especially if you consider someone as just a friend. However, it will depend on how well you know them. If one of the couples is a close family member, then the amount would go higher than the minimum to about $150. For an extended family member and close friends the spending can drop to about $75.

Go For A Big Group Gift

At times going it alone when getting your friend wedding gifts can be very costly and you may probably not be able to afford it. Coming up together as friends of the newlyweds and purchasing a big item for a wedding gift can be a great idea. You can opt for a piece that the couple has registered and seems to be out of range for a single individual to afford. With this idea, you can easily get the couple an item of their dream.

Buy From Their Registry

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To ease the pressure of having to think for an appropriate wedding gift to get your friends, don’t get creative. It would be a better idea to pick an item from their wedding registry list.

Some retailers make it much easier by availing registries online and hence make it more accessible. It is also important to note that the couple had a reason in setting up their registry. Therefore if you go by it, you will never end up buying a gift they would not like.

Other Gifts

Since other events are preceding the wedding that requires gifting, the general rule is to split your gift budget into certain proportions. Allocate 20-percent of your gift budget on an engagement gift. Another 20-percent on the bridal shower and the remaining 60-percent on the main event itself. This is so if you are a close friend or relative of the couple and you have to chip in at every occasion.

Destination Wedding

Gifting Guide for a Destination Wedding


At times you are required to travel a distance to attend a wedding, and you must spend some amount on air tickets and perhaps where to stay. The couple will understand that you don’t have that much to spend on their wedding gift. This does not, however, mean that you must not buy them one.

You can do away with the cash gift and opt for something less expensive off the couple wedding registry. Here applies only if they are not the ones catering for your traveling expenses. Otherwise, you should buy something a bit more substantial.

Cash Gifts

For those who want to give money instead, cash gifting is also acceptable. Ensure that the value of the money you give is equivalent to an actual tangible gift. It can also be a good idea to accompany your cash with a note suggesting what they might use it for.

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