Great Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

An Outdoor Wedding Ideas

If you are a nature enthusiast and planning your wedding with a cozy, intimate affair, an outdoor wedding is the best idea for you.

More often, outdoor weddings can be quite romantic dream-come-true. The flowers in bloom, beautiful blue skies, and the gentle breeze make it an ideal environment to share with loved ones and friends. The following are some of the various ingenious ideas for organizing an outdoor ceremony and reception that can make your day fun and beautiful.

Hot In The Tents? Use Portable Air Conditioners

On a super-hot day, your bridesmaids & guests may not have a reasonable way to cool themselves inside the wedding tent.

On the hottest days of Summer, it is a good decision that portable air conditioners are provided for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

Check out for some excellent units. You can usually rent these through your wedding planner or local vendor.

Provide Hot Weather Wedding Handouts

Utilize Tree Branches

Since your guests will be expected to sit out there in the open, it is a good idea to provide little favors that can be used during your wedding ceremony. Offering them sunglasses, fans and parasols will be highly appreciated, and they can also take with them home after the function.

Customized Fans

You can have your ceremony programs double up as fans. You can do this by either getting one that relates to your chosen theme or opting for DIY (do it yourself) made fans.

Utilize Tree Branches


Outdoor weddings are all about keeping in touch with nature. Therefore take advantage of the hanging branches to hang your décor, lights and even candles for a more exotic look. This can be done by use of jars, vases or hanging string lights.

Ensure Guests Are Well Hydrated

Provide your guests with drinks such as water, juice or ice to keep them well hydrated in the heat. You can place them in various locations on the venue where they can easily be accessed. Be creative and use wine barrels, wheelbarrows or classic planter boxes as a cooler for your guests’ drinks and match it with the theme of your wedding.

Avail Bug Sprays

If you outdoors event will be held in a green, beach or woody environment, there is no doubt that you will need bug sprays. This will keep crawling insects and bugs away and offer a comfortable environment for your guests.

Do Away With Table Clothes

Leaving your tables exposed does not only minimize your work but also works well outdoors. Don’t hesitate to use mixed and match armoires and vintage chairs as these give a chic, rustic look to your reception space making it both charming and intimate.

Dancing Shoes

After the ceremony, it will be thoughtful of you to provide your guests with dancing shoes such as inexpensive; cute flip flops to keep them on their feet all night long. Ladies will always love their high heels no matter how often you tell them to wear practical shoes.

Distribute Sparklers

Distribute Sparklers

Distributing sparklers for your guests is a very good idea for a magical evening dance. They not only make for great photos but also brighten up the place.

Floral Arrangement

Ensure that your pretty floral arrangement should not sit in direct sunlight for more than an hour before the guests’ arrival. Leave them under a shade or in a tent until 30-60 minutes to their arrival. If it is really hot out there, let your florist mist them to keep flowers fresh.

Take Weather Precautions

Take Weather Precautionsoutdoor

Since the weather is something you have no control over, it is always a good idea to come up with backup plans. You can opt to have a tent just in case of inclement weather conditions. You should also have tent sidewalls in case a storm blows through.

Use Old Wine Bottles For Your Floral Arrangements

You can opt to save yourself some money by turning your old wine bottles into chic floral arrangement instead of hiring the services of floral professionals. This will keep your event simple and straightforward while exploring your creativity and imagination. To add more elegance, you can also try using brightly colored ribbons around the necks of your bottles.

DIY Flower Crowns

Outdoor weddings usually take place right in the middle of Mother Nature. To Keep in line with this, it is a excellent idea to have your bridesmaids where DIY flower crowns as these complement well with nature. It would be rather odd to wear diamonds when you had planned to keep it straightforward and natural.

Excellent Rustic Seating Arrangement

If you intend to have a rustic outdoor wedding, then it is important to make sure that your tables and seats perfectly conform to the overall theme of your event. There is no better way of doing this than using old pallets. They are durable, lightweight, and you can quickly orient to suit any setting that you desire. You can easily stack a few of them to provide a rustic setting for your outdoor wedding.

Use Chalkboard Signs

Take Weather Precautions

Use a hand-Calligraphed chalkboard sign to direct your guests to their seating spaces. This is a straightforward and lovely idea besides complimenting your wedding theme.

Creative Backdrops

You can decide to become crafty and make a simple, unique wooden backdrop from reclaimed wooden panels with gold laser cut inscriptions to compliment. You can dress up your backdrop with white roses and fresh greenery for a natural look.

Use A Motion Table

Create a wine serving station on a swing table hung with pieces of rope on a tree. To accessorize it, you can add a chandelier hanging overhead. Ensure that the table is well secured to prevent it tipping off when things are placed on it or swinging out of control.

Photo Booth

Create your life-size photo booth that you will use to build those big moments for your wedding photo album. Besides photo booths adding some extra excitement to your outdoor wedding, it can also be a sure hit with your fun loving guests.

High Heel Protectors

It is advisable to let your guests ahead of time that they will be walking on the grass. Therefore, they should come with appropriate footwear. For those ladies who love their high heels shoes, they can use high heel protectors. This is an ingenious way of staying elegant, comfortable and having the freedom to walk on a less firm ground without the fear of sinking.

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