How To Make Your Wedding Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly Wedding Planning

Getting started on your wedding planning requires you to know a few things beforehand to avoid things going wrong on your big day. The event entails meeting deadlines, putting up with family drama, endless details and at times the stress can be overwhelming and make you feel like eloping. For you to pull it all together, it is important to be very clear with your wedding expectation and how you want your day to look like. The first thing that you should consider is to establish a realistic wedding budget; the following are some of the ways to save on costs.

Prioritize Your Needs

Before dwelling into the nitty-gritty, it is important to prioritize your needs accordingly to get the most for your money. Allocate extra money for essential items such as the bride’s gown, catering and perhaps the entertainment band. Next on your list pick things that can follow such as the cake, flowers, and invitations. After listing everything that is required in their pecking order, you can start budgeting accordingly.

 Get A Smaller Wedding Car Convoy

Get A Smaller Wedding Car Convoy

This is one perfect way of saving on your wedding budget. Instead of going for that adorable stretch limo or Hummer from a car hire, you may involve the assistance of privately owned cars from either your family members or friends. This great alternative option will cost you nothing while still being able to shuttle your wedding party to the marriage venue.

Create Your Invitation

If you have a quality printer in your home, you can easily make your classy invitation cards. You can get inspiration from online sources on how to create super cheap and easy DIY table planners, signage and bridesmaid cards. If one of you is a skilled designer, you can decide to have your cards designed and printed by for free.

Do Away With Bridesmaid And Groomsmen Gifts

Do Away With Bridesmaid And Groomsmen Gifts

Although it is always a tradition to gift bridesmaid and groomsmen, it is not always necessary. This is so, especially when you are working within a tight wedding budget. Consider writing them a note to express your appreciation soon after the marriage ceremony is over. These are your close friends, and if they know your financial constraints you had to face to in putting up a wedding, they will surely understand.

Handle The Catering Yourself

Instead of hiring a chef who will usually be expensive, enroll the services of a family-owned restaurant. Such restaurants are always glad to go an extra mile in catering for your needs besides understanding your budget situation. You can also seek family members’ assistance for both preparation and catering. This will drastically help to cut costs for food for your ceremony.

Use Less Expensive Flowers

Use Less Expensive Flowers

Locally grown flowers are rather cheap, and you can use them as substitutes to blooms that have to be imported from far off places. You can also decide to choose flowers that are in season to reduce costs while keeping it minimal. For instance, you can have a single rose for each of the bridesmaids and a small bouquet for the bride.

Cut Down On The Guest List

Although this may at times seem brutal, it is inevitable if you intend to cut down on your spending costs. It is always not an excellent idea to throw everyone you know into your guest’s list. Instead, try to invite a few people as this will also make your event more intimate. Discuss with both set of parents and agree on the number of guests to be invited as this will save you a great deal.

Choosing An Inexpensive Venue

Hiring a hotel ground or a building is often a costly affair. The best way to circumvent this is to opt for cheap places such as holding your wedding at home or outdoors. A public park can also serve as an ideal location beside offering you and your guests beautiful views. Deciding to have an outdoor wedding will require you to have a backup plan just in case the weather doesn’t favor you. You don’t want your guests getting soaked up when there will be a downpour.

The church and reception venues should be within proximity of each other. This will save you traveling expenses and the hustle of having to shift equipment and décor. You can decide to hold both the church and reception ceremonies at the same venue.

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