Things To Be Taken Care Of For Great Outdoor Weddings And Events

Best Outdoor Weddings And Events

Outdoor weddings are always amazing, memorable and at times less expensive. By choosing the right location, you can be guaranteed to have a beautiful and elegant event surrounded by nature. The natural blue sky, the romantic breezes and the natural d├ęcor that accompany it are some of the pleasantries an outdoor event can present. However, a successful outdoor event also comes with its set of considerations. Here are some of the rules and things that need to be taken care of when planning outdoor weddings.

Alternative Indoor Accommodation

Outdoor Weddings: Indoor Accommodation

Often we do not have control over Mother Nature and no matter how hard we plan our outdoor venue; chances are the weather can cause an issue on the big day.To counter this, it is strongly advised to consider indoor accommodation and alternatives just to be on the safe side. With such an arrangement, you will be at peace to carry on with the wedding of your dreams without worries.

Rent A Sound System

Holding events outdoor at times presents audibility challenges. Picture an outdoor wedding at the beach, for instance, there will be the effect of the roaring waves, kids running and screaming around. Not everybody will be in a position to hear the proceedings. Therefore, consider renting a sound system with several microphones. Your band or DJ can help arrange this for you with ease.

Consider The Temperatures

Temperatures For Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings usually involve the direct exposure to the elements such as sunshine. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Provide guests with their parasols, fans or consider outdoor eating towers.

You may also have your ushers distribute bottles of ice-cold water to your guests while seated. Another ingenious idea is to have your wedding program printed on fans so that guests can cool themselves. However, advice your guests to wear extra layers of clothing if it would likely be cold and damp.

Consider Windy Condition

Most outdoor weddings are exposed to windy conditions. Avoid certain fabrics such as China silks and chiffons in your bridesmaid dresses. Your hairstylist should also be aware that you are having an outdoor wedding so that she can plan a style that can withstand such adverse condition. Ensure that your tents are strong enough and cannot give in on an event a strong wind blows its way. Another option is to have an indoor alternative as a backup plan.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor : Outdoor Weddings

What type of ground is your dance floor? Will it be on the grass or there will be an alternative room for this? Ensure that you warn your guests that the party will be on the grass or sand so that they can choose their footwear more appropriately. However, most ladies love their high heels and therefore it is better to be considerate and provide an alternative dancing floor.

Get Permits

Most local authorities require taking permits whenever you plan to hold an event that involves a gathering. Contact the relevant authorities in your region to find out the requirements and give a permit to hold an outdoor wedding ceremony. Let them inform you of the rules involving the removal of trash, use of candle lighting and pre-wedding photography. These rules apply more to public park venues.

Power And Bathroom Accessibility

If your wedding is to be held in a field or a forest, it is most likely that bathroom facilities are not within reach. Therefore have a plan on how to deal with this, avail the water that will be used probably by hiring a tanker. Equip yourself with a small generator that will provide power for your caterers as well as for lighting up the venue. Opt for a quiet generator that would not disrupt your event.

Right Foods And Dishes

Foods And Dishes For Outdoor Weddings

Be sure that your caterers have outdoor event experience and menu. Avoid foods and recipes that will not do well when exposed to excess outdoor heat. Things that must be served while cold such as mayonnaise salads should not feature on the menu.

Consider Timing

The best time of day to schedule your outdoor wedding is in the evening when the sun is at sunset. Taking your vows while surrounded by the warm glow of the sunset sun is beautiful and can give you a great experience. You will be assured of perfect photographs especially if your ceremony is well oriented. Let the sun face the backs of your guests instead of shining in their eyes.

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