Things To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Big Event

Various Things To Be Considered In Post Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is probably one of the most expensive garments you get to wear in your lifetime. Finding this great piece of cloth must have taken you through bridal magazines, tried several of them in the dress rooms. Your friends told you are great you looked in it and would have probably wished to wear it every day. Sadly, you may never get to wear it again once your wedding is over and the big question is ‘so what do I do with it?’ the following are some of the things you can do with you gown after your wedding.

Save It As A Keepsake

Post Wedding:Save The Dress

If you have a great attachment to your wedding gown that you cannot imagine parting with it, preserving it would be a good idea. Always seeing your gown relives the sweet memories especially if it was one of your favorite attractions besides your husband. Another great way is preserving it to pass on to your future daughter or daughter-in-law and begin a family tradition.

Donate It To A Worthy Course

There are organizations which you can donate your gown to for re-sell. The proceeds can be used for example, by a cancer society towards helping breast cancer patients. Going out of your way to help those suffering from cancer in any way you could is a fulfilling venture. If you feel philanthropic enough, you can also donate your gown to someone who might be planning a wedding but cannot afford to buy one.

Repurpose It

To keep your cherished memories close to your heart, create a necklace with the fabric taken out of your wedding gown by embedding on it. Another great option is to redesign it into sexy lingerie especially if you don’t mind taking a pair of scissors to your gown. Another idea is to plan to use your gown’s lace to make a christening gown for your daughters. This gives you an opportunity to pass it on for generations without having it go to waste.

Sell It Off

Post Wedding Sells

Selling it off will help you to at least recoup some of your money back. It will also give an opportunity to a future bride to walk down the aisle with a classy gown that she otherwise might not have afforded in the first place. You can then use the money for a date with your partner or arrange for a weekend get-away.

Trash The Dress

If you are least concerned with converting it into monetary value, then why not trash it. Some brides prefer to trash their gowns for a photo-shoot. They do this by covering the dress in paint or diving into the ocean on it. Besides giving them the opportunity to wear them again, the amazing and unique photos captured can be kept as a keepsake.

Host A Bridal Themed Cocktail Party

Host a party where your friends will be required to turn up in their wedding gowns. It would me much fun getting together with your friends as you sip glasses of champagne to toast to a marriage life. This will give you an opportunity to fit into your gown once again and bring back the cherished memories. The photos to commemorate this day will be fantastic.


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